Zolberg Institute Director Alex Aleinikoff Launches ‘Tempest Tossed’ Podcast Exploring Migration and Mobility Issues


An expert on immigration and refugee law and policy, transnational law, and citizenship, Alex Aleinikoff has observed how the debate around immigration and refugees has devolved into “predictable soundbites” and partisan bickering.

Aleinikoff, Director of the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility at The New School for Social Research, believes the issue deserves a deeper and more thoughtful analysis. To that end, he launched Tempest Tossed, a podcast featuring in-depth conversations between Aleinikoff and noted guests on “what’s happening on the ground and how to understand current policy debates.”

In the first five episodes of Tempest Tossed, Aleinikoff has focused on child separations at the U.S.-Mexico border (with Denise Gilman, director of the Immigration Clinic at the University of Texas at Austin School of Law), the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the travel ban (with Georgetown Law Professor Marty Lederman), the future of re-united immigrant families (with St. Thomas University Professor Lauren Gilbert), and “zombie ideas” on U.S. immigration (with Rubén G. Rumbaut, a professor at University of California, Irvine and a leading expert on immigration and refugee resettlement in the United States). He also spoke with David Martin, University of Virginia School of Law professor, on why he resigned from the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council.

Originally published Sept. 18, 2018 on The New School blog.

Press ReleaseAlyssa Kropp